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Pear Fit

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This nutrient pack blend consist of Pear, Kale, Apple, Spinach, Cucumber, Mint, Lime & Ginger. This is a great detox blend is antioxidant rich, helps to boost digestion and helps to lower blood pressure. 

Pear : Lower blood pressure, helps to prevent cancer, natural energy booster, high in fiber & boost immune system.

Kale : Anti-inflammatory, natural detoxification, anti-oxidant rich and supports heart health. 

Spinach : Aids in digestion, helps to maintain low blood sugar levels, high in iron & lowers blood pressure. 

Apple : Lowers Cholesterol, helps to prevent cancer, boost immunity & weight loss.

Cucumber : Facilitates digestion, full of antioxidants & reinforces heart health.

Lime : Alkaline rich, promotes healing, helps to detoxify the blood.

Mint : Cures headaches, relieves muscular pain, relives stress & good for digestion.

Ginger : Clears sinuses, fights infections, relieves tired muscles & helps with morning sickness.